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Groot is a Flora goliath from Planet X, the capital of the branch universes. The Flora mammoths are tree-like creatures whose dialect is practically difficult to comprehend because of the solidness of their larynges, making their discourse seem like they are rehashing the expression "I am Groot - Coffee Mug". Different creatures attempt to be cordial however end up plainly furious with the Flora mammoths for not having the capacity to talk. (Groot - Coffee Mug was appeared to be equipped for talking not simply naturally but rather articulately all through Annihilation: Conquest.) The Flora giants are controlled over by the "Arbor Masters" and instruct the offspring of the species with "Photonic Knowledge", which is the gathered information of the Arbor Masters of the eras and is consumed through photosynthesis; this is an exceedingly propelled training strategy, making the Flora monsters virtuosos. Planet X's biome is overseen by "Support Mammals" which are little squirrel-like beings.[volume and issue needed]

The Flora mammoth sapling that would come to be known as "Groot - Coffee Mug" originated from a "Praised Sap-line" and skilled with a colossal handle of semi dimensional super-positional building. Groot - Coffee Mug did not coexist with kindred saplings but rather favored the organization of the "Support Mammals", which alternate saplings treated with partiality. Groot - Coffee Mug was ousted by the "Arbor Masters"[volume and issue needed] subsequent to slaughtering another sapling to shield a support well evolved creature it was brutalizing.

A substitute source was exhibited in the Groot - Coffee Mug progressing arrangement. In the story, it is uncovered that the other Flora giants had been kidnapping life forms from different planets, including a youthful human young lady named Hannah. Subsequent to seeing Hannah, Groot - Coffee Mug acknowledged what his kin were doing wasn't right and figured out how to spare the youngster and send her back to Earth. Notwithstanding, for his insubordination, Groot - Coffee Mug was banished from Planet X and compelled to meander the universe until the point when he met Rocket Raccoon numerous decades later where this adaptation of Groot - Coffee Mug later turned into an individual from the Guardians of the Galaxy.

However another substitute birthplace was introduced in "Gatekeepers of Infinity", composed by Edgardo Miranda Rodriguez, wherein a lady makes the claim that Groot - Coffee Mug is a ceiba tree from Ponce, Puerto Rico. As per Puerto Rican old stories, a ceiba tree is accepted to have the spirits of the indigenous Taino populace that once blossomed with the Caribbean island. By her rationale, the lady views Groot - Coffee Mug as Puerto Rican.

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